Chevrolet’s Teen Driver mode   Chevrolet’s Teen Driver mode is a feature introduced on Chevy’s entire 2017 lineup that is meant to give parents more power when their teens are driving unaccompanied and make teens safer. Chevy developed the technology due in part to the fact that teen drivers are three times more likely to get in a fatal car crash than drivers over age 20. Teen Driver mode is used through the MyLink system. You just go into the MyLink settings and set up a PIN that is associated with the key your teenager uses to drive. When the teen driver gets in with their key, they’re locked out of the settings and can’t change anything unless they figure out your PIN. Through the MyLink settings, you can set restrictions on speed, music volume, and more, and you can even set up a warning that will appear if the driver goes over a certain speed between 40 and 75 mph. No audio will play through the speakers until all passengers are buckled in, and the teen driver can’t disable any safety features like lane keep assist. The most helpful thing about Teen Driver mode is that it keeps track of the driver’s habits, so you can see how they’re driving and, if they’re still driving recklessly, you know and can help them learn better habits. For more information about Chevrolet’s Teen Driver mode, let us know at Landmark Chevrolet!Chevrolet FNR-X Concept Car Chevrolet raised eyebrows at Auto Shanghai recently, where it unveiled its brand-new crossover, the Chevrolet FNR-X concept car, with one of the most aggressive and cool designs anyone has seen in quite a while. The FNR-X is a plug-in hybrid concept model, with Chevy calling it an “all purpose sports” car — an idea we’re happy to get behind. Boasting excellent fuel efficiency, powerful performance, and top-notch styling, who wouldn’t want to get behind the wheel of this concept car? The vehicle is tricked out with wheel blades that automatically adjust to the vehicle’s speed to reduce drag, as well as two driving modes that alter the ride height and various driver characteristics. If that weren’t enough, the interior looks straight out of the future. Currently, we have no idea whether or not the Chevrolet FNR-X concept car could ever go into mass production, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed. If nothing else, we like what this suggests for the future of Chevy vehicles. To learn more about everything Chevrolet has in the works or to check out a currently available Chevy model, visit us anytime at Landmark Chevrolet, and we’d be happy to set you up on a test drive! Image from Car and Driver